Our Team

Cari & Scott Vandecoevering

Board of Directors

Chair - Cathy Poppen

Vice President - Eileen Creelman

Secretary - Cari Vandecoevering

Treasurer - Katie Monte

Board Members
Kathy Beykovsky
Cathy Bradshaw
Lynn Coyle
Janda Humphrey
Joan Kintz
Sandy Lindquist
Pam McClung
Kent Petterson
Karla Schumaker


Program Coordinators

From Wish to Reality Scholarship Program - Cathy Bradshaw

Aging Out of Foster Care Program - Cathy Bradshaw


BB4Kids uses your cash donations to fulfill specific needs and requests of foster and disadvantaged children involved in any of our programs.


Tuesday Evening Bingo

Bingo every 1st and 3rd Tuesdays starting at 5:45 at Happy Valley Station Food Carts.

Click here for costs and details.

For information about Happy Valley Station Food Carts Click here.


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